Are black prom dresses a no-go?

With prom season being set in the summertime, many girls get wary of wearing black as they think it will be too harsh or dark. In fact, most people associate prom dress colours with being light and typically pastel colours such as pale blues, pinks, and yellows.

We’re here to squash that myth – because black is a beautiful prom dress colour! No matter what your style is, black will look flattering on ANYBODY.

What typically happens when shopping for a prom dress, is that girls will pick a colour that is on trend at that time. But why opt for something that could so quickly go out of trend? Black has been an iconic and classic colour for decades now with beautiful movie stars like Audrey Hepburn making black the colour to be seen in.

If you’re worried that you may be taking a risk with your prom dress, black will always be a safe option! It has been on trend for years and it looks universally flattering on everybody! Plus, prom dresses aren’t always something you could wear again – but a black prom dress could most definitely be re-worn for a special occasion later down the line.

On your prom night, you want to feel special and you want to stand out, well if everyone else is opting for bright colours you will look 10x more elegant and sophisticated than the rest when you have your gorgeous sleek black gown on!

Plus, the issue that comes with a bright coloured gown is finding a nice makeup look or accessories that match such a bold or bright colour. With black, you will find that pretty much anything will match as it’s pretty much impossible to get anything to clash with black!

Let’s not forget to mention that if you are going with a date or a plus one to your prom, matching to a bold colour won’t be the easiest! Whereas if you wear black, it’s super easy to match and you won’t have to worry about looking mismatched in the slightest.

Maybe black isn’t your style and you will want to opt for a pastel colour, and that’s completely fine! But if you were somebody who was maybe on the fence or saw a gorgeous black dress but felt like it wasn’t appropriate, we’re here to tell you to go for it!

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