Long vs Short Prom Dresses

Choosing your perfect prom dress is not easy, especially when there are so many different styles, fabrics and colours to choose from. Do you go for the season’s most popular colours and risk turning up in the same colour as another dozen people? Or do you go for a more unique colour so you can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression?!


Another big decision to make is whether to choose a long dress or a short dress, as both offer stylish fashion options. One factor to consider is your height, as your dress choice can either emphasise or reduce the emphasis on your height or lack of height.


Long dresses – pros and cons

Long prom dresses are perfect for producing an elegant and classic look. Long dresses have sometimes been thought to be a bit less modern than their shorter counterparts. However, long prom dress styles have come a long way and some of them are really stunning, including the mermaid style.


A popular feature of the long style prom dresses is a slit up the leg that allows more movement – ideal for dancing the night away with your friends!


If you choose a long dress, you don’t have to worry about whether to wear tights or laddering the tights if you do wear them! There is also less attention on your footwear, as your shoes will usually be partially covered by the bottom of your long dress, so if you have struggled to find the perfectly matching shoes, or want to go for comfort over style with footwear, it is easier with a long dress.


In terms of the cons, you might want to avoid heavier materials as you could end up getting very hot, especially when you are dancing. If you have short sleeves or a lighter material then you should be fine in terms of temperature.


Short dresses – pros and cons

Short style dresses are more comfortable to wear and will not get in your way when you hit the dancefloor. There is no chance of you or anyone else accidentally stepping on your dress and ripping it.


If you are wearing a short dress they are generally a bit cheaper than longer ones, as they require less fabric to make them. If you have some stylish shoes that you want to show off then short dresses are definitely the way to go, placing all the emphasis on your footwear and accessories.


When you choose a shorter prom dress, you might compromise a bit in terms of the elegance. However, short dresses are more fun and there are actually a lot more modern designs that do look very elegant, especially ones that have intricate detail. With short dresses, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot whilst you are dancing but will have to think about whether to wear tights and which ones to wear if you do.


The best way to choose your dress is to consider your main priorities – do you want to be comfortable, look elegant, or emphasise your best features? Head to the Prom4Less website to shop our huge range of dresses and find your perfect prom dress.