Top 5 Trends to Consider When Buying a Prom Dress in 2019

Preparing for your prom should be as exciting as the night itself. Spending time shopping, trying out new hair and makeup styles and talking to your friends about what you’re planning on wearing is half of the fun. However, if you’re worried about staying up to date with the latest prom dress fashions, don’t worry because we are here to help.


Here are five top trends to consider for your prom dress:


The Pantone Colour of the Year

Many fashion choices are made with the Pantone Colour of the Year in mind. This year’s colour is ‘Living Coral’ so lots of people will be opting for wedding and prom dresses that incorporate this colour in 2019. Of course, if everyone turned up at the prom all wearing coral coloured dresses, that would be pretty cringe but dresses that have subtle hints of coral, with coral infused accessories could be a winner. Little Mermaid eat your heart out!


One-shoulder dresses are straight fire


The ultimate dress style for 2019 is one shoulder dresses, so if you want to ensure you are rocking the latest fashion, it is all about the one shoulder! One-shoulder dresses, or any other style that accentuates the shoulders is in favour in 2019.


Add a little sparkle

All things sparkly are really hot in 2019, from going for dresses with glitter or accessorising with shiny, decorated bags. If you want to dazzle and stand out from the crowd then make sure that you add some sparkle to your prom outfit.


Floor length dresses all the way!

Another style to be aware of is that floor length dresses are the top trend this year. As well as being the top fashion statement, it is great for taller people who want to get away with wearing flat shoes, or for hiding less fancy shoes so you can wear something comfortable on your feet instead!


Make a day of dress shopping

A big trend for prom dress shopping this year is making a day of it, in the same way that a bride and her bridesmaids go out for a day of shopping, prom dress shopping will follow suit. So why not invite your squad for a day of shopping, followed by a full debrief whilst you grab something to eat? If you go to an outlet like Prom4Less there is a huge stock of prom dresses for your group to go through and help each other find the perfect dress to suit each of you.


Check out your nearest Prom4Less outlet for help with choosing your perfect prom dress from our huge range of top styles, available in various sizes.